A little more about us

Devon and I got married 6 months ago (after 9 years together) and it was an amazing day! Everything we could have hoped and dreamed of. We really enjoyed planning our own wedding and put a lot into it (well I did haha). In fact after the wedding I was a little lost, I didn't know what to do with all the extra time on my hands.

We were then a little stumped as to what we should do with the 16 wooden trestle tables my father in-law Dale and now husband Devon had built. We love them so much we couldn't bring ourselves to part them! So after a lot of consideration we decided to start a business hiring them out. Which then led to hiring out all the other bits and bobs we managed to collect for the wedding and hey while we at it we thought why not try and put my Graphic Design degree to use and offer design services as well..... combine all of that and you have Wood & Wild.

It's quite a busy time for us, with a few surprises in the pipeline! We're continuing to grow our stock, trying to find things we love and think others will too. If there's something you're after and we don't have it, contact us anyway, we are more than happy to source items you might be on the hunt for.

We'd love to help other couples with their dream wedding, whether it be product hire, design or even styling. So please feel free to get in touch anytime and we will do our absolute best to help you in anyway we can.